Mozart - The Complete Symphonies - Trevor Pinnock - Archiv Collectors 11CDs ft

Label : Archiv
Format : Flac track
Cover : Yes

Tracklist :

CD 1 :

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 – 1791)
Symphony No.1 in E flat, K.16
Symphony in F, K.App.223
Symphony No.4 in D, K.19
Symphony No.5 in B flat, K.22
Symphony No.7a in G, K.App. 221, “Alte Lambacher”
Symphony No.6 in F, K.43

CD 2 :

Symphony No.7 in D, K.45
Symphony No.8 in D, K.48
Symphony No.9 in C, K.73
Symphony No.43 in F, K.76
Symphony No.55 in B flat, K.App.214
Symphony No.44 in D, K.81

CD 3 :

Symphony No.47 in D, K.97
Symphony No.45 in D, K.95
Symphony No.11 in D, K.84
Symphony in B flat major, K. App. 216
Symphony No.42 in F, K.75
Symphony No.46 in C, K.96

CD 4 :

Symphony No.10 in G, K.74
Symphony No.12 in G, K.110
Symphony No.13 in F, K.112
Symphony No.14 in A, K.114
Symphony No.15 in G, K.124

CD 5 :

Symphony No.16 in C, K.128
Symphony No.17 in G, K.129
Symphony No.18 in F, K.130
Symphony No.19 in E flat, K.132
Symphony No.26 in E flat, K.184

CD 6 :

Symphony No.20 in D, K.133
Symphony No.21 in A, K.134
Symphony No.22 in C, K.162
Symphony No.23 in D, K.181
Symphony No.27 in G, K.199

CD 7:

Symphony No.24 in B flat, K.182
Symphony No.25 in G minor, K.183
Symphony No.30 in D, K.20
Symphony No.31 in D, K.297 – “Paris”

CD 8:

Symphony No.29 in A, K.201
Symphony No.28 in C, K.200
Symphony No.33 in B flat, K.319

CD 9:

Symphony No.32 in G, K.318 (Overture in G)
Symphony No.34 in C, K.338
Symphony No.35 in D, K.385 “Haffner”
Symphony No.36 in C, K.425 – “Linz”

CD 10:

Symphony No.38 in D, K.504 “Prague”
Symphony No.39 in E flat, K.543

CD 11:

Symphony No.40 in G minor, K.550
Symphony No.41 in C, K.551 – “Jupiter”

The English Concert, Trevor Pinnock