Prokofiev - The Symphonies - Walter Weller - Decca Collectors 4CDs fbft

Label : Decca
Format : Flac track
Cover : Front + Back

Tracklist :

CD 1:

Sergei Prokofiev (1891 – 1953)
Symphony No.1 in D, Op.25 “Classical Symphony”
Russian Overture, Op.72
Symphony No. 5 in B flat major, Op. 100

CD 2:

Symphony No.2 in D minor, Op.40
Symphony No.3 in C minor, Op.44

CD 3:

Symphony No.4 in C, Op.47/112
Symphony No.7, Op.131

CD 4:

Symphony No.6 in E flat, Op.111
Scythian Suite, Op.20 – “Ala and Lolly”
The Love for Three Oranges, Symphonic Suite, Op.33 bis

London Symphony Orchestra, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Walter Weller