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Label : Decca
Format : Flac track
Cover : Yes

A luxurious and authoritative 64-CD orchestral and concerto set (plus bonus CD), celebrating one of the world’s great orchestras and their 64-year relationship with Decca Classics.

– ‘Champagne’ style box – lift off lid, with luxury gold-wrap outer box;
– Black and gold CD wallets, with recordings arranged chronologically by composer, starting with Haydn and ending with Khachaturian and Kodaly); -200pp softcover perfect-bound book, approx. 200mm x 110mm, landscape orientation. FIVE essays are provided, each of approx. 1500 words, respectively by Dr. Silvia Kargl of the Wiener Philharmoniker Historisches Archiv, by long-term Decca producers Christopher Raeburn, Erik Smith and John Culshaw, and by Paul Moseley/Raymond McGill of Decca;
– All note content in English, German and Japanese.
– The book presents the majority of the original album sleeves, as well as photographic images, contracts and even letters, all of which together offer a comprehensive overview of the Decca-WP relationship across several decades.

– 64 CDs of orchestral and concerto recordings, starting 64 years ago, handsomely presented and imaginatively curated.
– A document of a label-orchestra relationship, of famous venues and of the art of classical recording. Few labels can claim to be so associated with a city as inextricably as Decca is with Vienna. No history of classical recordings would be complete without a chapter documenting how both Decca and the WP worked to perfect the art of recording in the city’s great concert halls, most notably in the famous Sofiensaal.

Complete tracklist : Wiener Philharmoniker – The Orchestral Edition