Label : Teldec
Format : Flac (image + cue)
Cover : Yes

Tracklist :

CD 1

Sonata No.3 in C major Op.2 No.3
Sonata No.4 in E flat major Op.7
Sonata No.6 in F major Op.10 No.2
Sonata No.9 in E major Op.14 No.1

CD 2

Sonata No.1 in F minor Op.2 No.1
Sonata No.8 in C minor Op.13 “Pathetique”
Sonata No.10 in G major Op.14 No.2
Sonata No.11 in B flat major Op.22

CD 3

Sonata No.7 in D major Op.10 No.3
Sonata No.13 in E flat major Op.27 No.1 (Sonata quasi una fantasia)
Sonata No.14 in C sharp minor Op.27 No.2 “Moonlight” (Sonata quasi una fantasia)
Sonata No.16 in G major Op.31 No.1

CD 4

Sonata No.2 in A major Op.2 No.2
Sonata No.12 in A flat major Op.26
Sonata No.18 in E flat major Op.31 No.3
Sonata No.27 in E minor Op.90

CD 5

Sonata No.15 in D major Op.28 “Pastoral”
Sonata No.19 in G minor Op.49 No.1
Sonata No.20 in G major Op.49 No.2
Sonata No.21 in C major Op.53 “Waldstein”
Sonata No.22 in F major Op.54

CD 6

Sonata No.17 in D minor Op.31 No.2 “The Tempest”
Sonata No.23 in F minor Op.57 “Appassionata”
Sonata No.24 in F sharp major Op.78
Sonata No.25 in G major Op.79
Sonata No.26 in E flat major Op.81a “Les Adieux”

CD 7

Sonata No.5 in C minor Op.10 No.1
Sonata No.28 in A major Op.101
Sonata No.30 in E major Op.109
Sonata No.31 in A flat major Op.110

CD 8

Sonata No.29 in B flat major Op.106 “Hammerklavier”
Sonata No.32 in C minor Op.111

CD 9

7 Bagatelles Op.33
11 Bagatelles Op.119
Bagatelle in C major WoO56
Bagatelle in C minor WoO52
6 Bagatelles Op.126

CD 10

9 Variations on a March by Dressler in C minor WoO63
6 Variations on a Swiss Song in F major WoO64
24 Variations on Righini`s Arietta “Venni Amore” in D major WoO65
13 Variations on the Arietta “Es war einmal ein alter Mann” in A major WoO66
12 Variations on the “Menuet a la Vigano” in C major WoO68

CD 11

9 Variations on the Aria “Quant`e piu bello” in A major WoO69
6 Variations on the Duet “Nel cor piu non mi sento” in G major WoO70
12 Variations on a Russian Dance in A major WoO71
8 Variations on the Romance “Une fievre brulante” in C major WoO72
10 Variations on the Duet “La stessa, la stessissima” in B major WoO73
7 Variations on the Quartet “Kind, willst du ruhig schlafen” in F major WoO75
8 Variations on the Trio “Tandeln und Scherzen” in F major WoO76
6 Variations on an Original Theme in G major WoO77

CD 12

7 Variations on “God Save the King” in C major WoO78
5 Variations on “Rule Britannia” in D major WoO79
32 Variations on an Original Theme in C minor WoO80
6 Variations on an Original Theme in F major Op.34
15 Variations and a Fugue on an Original Theme in E flat major Op.35 (“Eroica Variations”)
6 Variations on an Original Theme in D major Op.76

CD 13

6 National Airs with Variations for piano & flute Op.105
10 National Airs with Variations for piano & flute Op.107

with Wolfgang Schulz, flute

CD 14

33 Variations on a Waltz by Diabelli in C major Op.120
8 Variations on “Ich hab ein kleines Huttchen nur”

CD 15

Fantasia in G minor Op.77
Bagatelle in A minor “Fur Elise” WoO59
Sonata in D major WoO47 No.3
Rondo in C major Op.51 No.1
Rondo in G major Op.51 No.2
Polonaise in C major Op.89
Andante favori in F major WoO57
Allegretto in C minor WoO53
Rondo a capriccio in G major Op.129
Allegretto quasi andante in G minor WoO61a

Rudolf Buchbinder – piano