Label : Decca
Format : Flac track
Cover : Yes

This final LOiseau-Lyre set presents some of the most significant Medieval & Renaissance albums recorded by one of the most authoritative Early Music labels.

Ranging from Anonymous 13th century hymns to Dowlands Lachrimae, the works explored in this 50CD collection effectively represent the dawn of Western Music Tradition.

CD1: Music For Holy Week
CD2: Ce Diabolic Chant – Ballades, Rondeaus & Virelais of the Late Fourteenth Century
CD3: Carmina Burana 1
CD4: Llibre Vermell – Pilgrim Songs & Dances
CD5: The Feast Of Fools
CD6-7: Pilgrimage To Santiago
CD8: Machaut: 2 Polyphonic Lais
CD9: Wolkenstein: Knightly Passion
CD10-11: Ockeghem: Secular Music
CD12: Perugia: Secular Works [ON CD FOR THE FIRST TIME]
CD13: Sweet Is The Song
CD14: Dufay: Secular Music
CD15: Des Pres: Masses
CD16: Des Pres: Complete Three-Part secular music [ON CD FOR THE FIRST TIME]
CD17: Isaac: Chansons [ON CD FOR THE FIRST TIME]
CD18: Tromboncino: Frottole [ON CD FOR THE FIRST TIME]
CD19-21 Chansonnier Cordiforme
CD22: My Verry Joy
CD23: Lassus: Le lagrime di San Petro; Marini: Le lagrime d’Erminia
CD24: Holborne: Pavans & Galliards
CD25: Susato: Dansereye
CD26: A Musicall Banquet
CD27: Gesualdo: Quinto Libro
CD28: Morley: Ayres & Madrigals
CD29: Wilbye: First & Second Set of Madrigals
CD30: Gabrieli: Symphoniae Sacrae
CD31: Coprario: Vocal & Consort Music
CD32: Gibbons: Madrigals & Motets
CD33: Music From The Time of Elizabeth I
CD34: Byrd: Psalmes, Sonets & Songs
CD35: Byrd: Consort Music [ON CD FOR THE FIRST TIME]
CD36: Byrd: My Ladye Nevells Book [selection]
CD37: Cozens Lute Book
CD38-39: Fitzwilliam Virginal Book [selection]
CD40-41: Frescobaldi: Il Primo Libro di Toccate
CD42: Monteverdi: Quarto Libro di Madrigali
CD43: Amorous Dialogues
CD45: Maynard: XII Wonders of the World
CD46: Dowland: First Booke of Songes
CD47: Dowland: Lachrimae
CD48: Praetorius: Dances from Terpsichore
CD49: Sylvan & Oceanic Delights of Posilipo
CD50: Jenkins: Consort Music

Complete tracklist : Medieval & Renaissance