Label : Brilliant
Format : Flac track
Cover : Yes

Tracklist :

William Byrd
Prelude in A minor
Fantasia in A minor
Fantasia MB62
The Carman’s Whistle
The Queen’s Alman
Tregian’s Ground
Lady Monteagle’s Pavan
The wood so wild
John come kiss me now
Pavan & Galliard (MB14)
Sellinger’s Round
Pavan and Galliard, G minor No. 3, BK4
The Hunt’s up
Ut re mi fa sol la
Pavan in D BK52a
Galliard in D Minor, MB52b
The Maiden Song, MB82
Fantasia in C (Bk 25)
Quadran Pavan, MB70a
The Quadran Galliard, MB70b
All in a Garden Green
Pavan in G, MB71a
Galliard in G, MB71b
Pavan in C Minor, MB29a
Galliard in C Minor, MB29b
The seventh pavian, Canon 2 parts in 1, BK74
Galliard in A Minor, MB99c
Lavolta, MB91

John Dowland
Pavana Lachrymae (set by William Byrd)

Antony Holborne
Pavan in A Minor, MB99a

Pieter-Jan Belder (harpsichords)