Label : Hyperion
Format : Flac (image + cue)
Cover : Yes

Tracklist :

Thomas Linley the younger (1756–1778)

A Lyric Ode
on the Fairies, Aerial Beings and Witches of Shakespeare
‘The Shakespeare Ode’, 1776

[1] OVERTURE Andante — Allegro
[2] Minuetto
[3] PART 1 CHORUS O guardian of that sacred land
[4] RECITATIVE Spirit of Avon ’Tis thine alone
[5] AIR Spirit of Avon Come then, O Fancy, bend thy bow
[6] RECITATIVE Fancy At Shakespeare’s happy birth
[7] AIR Fancy And now is come the fated hour
[8] CHORUS Be Shakespeare born!
[9] RECITATIVE Spirit of Avon So spake the god
[10] AIR Spirit of Avon There in old Arden’s inmost shade
[11] RECITATIVE Spirit of Avon And as before his purged eyes
[12] AIR Spirit of Avon Thy hand his youthful footsteps led
[13] AIR Fancy Some drive the clam’rous owl away
[14] CHORUS Some drive the clam’rous owl away
[15] PART 2 RECITATIVE Fearful observer But oh! what sudden gloom
[16] CHORUS By the pale light of yon blue fire
[17] RECITATIVE Fearful observer See, through the glimmering darkness
[18] CHORUS What howling whirlwinds rend the sky!
[19] RECITATIVE Fearful observer For whom, at yonder livid flame
[20] AIR Fearful observer Whither ye beldames do ye roam?
[21] CHORUS and AIR Spirit of Avon The tempests cease
[22] RECITATIVE Spirit of Avon No more the elves, with printless pace
[23] AIR Spirit of Avon Ariel, who sees thee now?
[24] RECITATIVE Fancy No more shalt thou upon the sharp north run
[25] DUET Fancy, Spirit of Avon For who can wield like Shakespeare’s skilful hand?
[26] CHORUS Yet, Fancy, once again on Britain smile

Avon Julia Gooding soprano
Fancy Lorna Anderson soprano
Richard Wistreich bass
The Parley of Instruments, Baroque Orchestra and Choir, Paul Nicholson