Label : Saga
Format : Ape
Cover : Yes

Tracklist :

1. By A Bank As I Lay
2. Tho’ I Am Young
3. Lost Is My Quiet
4. We Be Three Poor Mariners
5. Sweeter Than Roses
6. I Spy Celia
7. Since Time So Kind To Us Does Prove
8. Orpheus And Euridice
9. Here’s That Will Challange All The Fair
10. Which Is The Properest Day To Drink
11. Chloe Found Amyntas
12. Here Lies A Woman
13. On Thy Banks, Gentle Stour
14. So Well Corinna Likes The Joy
15. My Man Joh – A Riddle
16. The Street Intrigue
17. When The Cock Begins To Crow

The Hilliard Ensemble