Label : Alto
Format : Ape
Cover : Yes

Tracklist :

I love, loved, and loved wolde I be by Robert Fayrfax
Woefully arrayed by William Cornysh
That was my woo by Robert Fayrfax
A gentill Jhesu by Sheryngham
Most clear of colour by Robert Fayrfax
Hoyda, jolly rutterkin by William Cornysh
O lustie May by Anonymous
This day day daws by Thomas Phelyppis
Begone, sweit night by Anonymous
En vray amoure by King VIII Henry
O my Heart is sore by King VIII Henry
Madame d’amours by Anonymous
Consort no 20 by King VIII Henry
Absent I am by Traditional
My heartly service by Anonymous
Hey trolly loly lo by Anonymous
Een vrolic wesen by Jacobus Barbireau
Be peace! Ye make me spill my ale! by Anonymous
Duke of Somersettes Dompe by Anonymous
Ah Robyn, gentle Robyn by William Cornysh
I love unloved by Anonymous
Up I arose in verno tempore by Anonymous
Puzzle canon no 6 by King VIII Henry
And I Were a Maiden by Anonymous
England be glad by Anonymous

Hilliard Ensemble