Label : Alpha
Format : Flac track
Cover : Yes

Tracklist :

Matthew Locke (v. 1621–1677)
The Tempest (1667)

Giovanni Battista Draghi (v. 1640–1708)
The Tempest (1667) Dance of Fantastick Spirits

Henry Purcell (1659–1695)
Anthem Z24 (v. 1682) Let Mine Eyes Run Down with Tears

Frank Martin (1890–1974)
Songs of Ariel (1950)

Matthew Locke

Philippe Hersant (1948)
Falling Star

Matthew Locke
Curtain Tune

Henry Purcell
Z135 (v.1682) Jehova, quam multi sunt hostes mei

Matthew Locke
Rustick Air

James Hart (1647–1718)
The Tempest (1667) Dorinda’s Song

Thierry Pécou (1965)
A Circle in the Sand (2001)

Matthew Locke

Frank Martin
You Are Three Men of Sin

Matthew Locke

Frank Martin
Before You Can Say “Come” and “Go”

Thierry Pécou
Pour un rituel imaginaire (1991-92)

Matthew Locke
Martial Jigg

Henry Purcell
Anthem Z36 (v.1679-81) O God, Thou Hast Cast Us Out

Frank Martin
Where the Bee Sucks

Matthew Locke
Canon à quatre

Henry Purcell
Anthem Z15 (v.1685) Hear My Prayer, O Lord

Chantal Santon Jeffery, soprano
Lucile Richardot, mezzo-soprano
Lisandro Abadie, basse
Bruno Le Levreur, alto
Yu Shao, tenor
La Tempête, Simon-Pierre Bestion